Saturday, November 27, 2010

the break

soo we got kicked out of the RB on tuesday due to an "intense" blizzard that never hit provo. they also closed it for wednesday which screwed up more plans that we had. oh well. we found other things to do. 

this break has probably been the laziest break I have ever had. we did go to the BYU basketball game, found bridesmaid dresses ( :D ), successfully made a thanksgiving dinner for 8 college students, listened to the BYU basketball game and today we are going to watch the BYU football game. That's plenty of "productive" things to make up for our daily 3 hour naps and the 6+ movies we may have watched, right? 

OH but I finally made it to the gym. even though it just pointed out how out of shape and weak I am now, it felt so good to go again. I haven't had time this semester because our schedules are so messed up and if I play volleyball we don't go (which is like 5 times a week) so I am trying to do better. If marissa ever wakes up we are planning on going again today. hopefully. :) 

here is the whole group (minus Nick because he was sleeping) that joined us for thanksgiving. :)

As much as i love the life of sleeping/eating/sleeping/watching movies all day, I can't wait to start  my finals so I can be done to go home!!! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

woo party!

Marissa stole some pictures of mine so HERE is her blog you can check out some pictures and here are some others that weren't good enough for her precious blog. :)

okay, i know there are some doubles but i liked them so I couldn't pass em up. It was such a sweet party.

seeing mom made my weekend. I have missed her so much!!!! she helped us buy stuff for our thanksgiving dinner. oh how i love her.

Marissa and I are getting everything ready for our college thanksgiving. Selene is bringing over some mexican good, YUM! we have two pumpkin pies in the oven and they smell excellent.
I made another attempt at homemade tortillas. ya... selene is going to have to teach me in person instead of over the phone tomorrow. I am horrible at it!! oh well. time for bed so I can wake up to set the rolls out. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

four things to make this week awesome.

I got a new volleyball. It made my day/week. It is a Molten L2 black and white. I love it and I cannot wait to use it!!!

I was going to my advisor today to talk to him about minors. I had a feeling I needed to get one. I found out that I had to get an approved teaching minor. Good thing I went in! I called dad after talking to my advisor for 45 minutes looking over minors. Being indecisive it took me a while to narrow it down to three different minors: PE teaching & coaching, Chemistry Ed and Geography teaching.  As I was talking to my dad he asked me why I would ever take more chem than I have to, knowing how much I hate science. I ran into Nick while I was on the phone and he wanted to know why I would take geography. I said it's a short minor and I would only decide to have it as my minor because I HAD to have one... Both dad and nick wanted to know why I would choose these two minors over PE & coaching. They both knew I would enjoy it more than the other two. I guess I am just happy that my family members know me better than I know myself and try to help me make my life less stressful, which obviously I am horrible at because I almost chose to go into chem ed over pe and coaching....

Joel is bringing us apples. WOO!! I have been craving Washington apples for way too long. :D

MY MOMMY IS COMING THIS WEEKEND!!! I have kinda been getting homesick and lots of people have had family come into town or got to go home. It has made me want to see my parents sooo bad. I cannot wait to see my mom!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nate and TJ's Homecoming!

You're really good at that.

This weekend we went to St. George. A much needed trip.
We left early Saturday morning. Everyone else left Friday but we didn't want to miss the basketball home opener and we had a game/movie night planned with some friends. 
We finally made it to St. George after 3.5 hours, a creepy guy trying to sell us tires, an amazing Subway, a gas station with a pretty impressed deer on the wall, guys with inappropriate signs and lot of good ol country music. 

When we got there we decided to play some volleyball (of course) while everyone else went to get some lunch.  After a couple hours of outdoor volleyball (which was a bad idea playing with only having a couple hours of sleep the night before) we decided to hit up the pool. We played ultimate football (a  mix of ultimate frisbee and football) in the pool. Probably the funnest game I have ever played. Our team rocked and we had only two guys (the other team at four) and they also had two extra people on their team. We won, obviously, even if guys had to guard Marissa and I. We then decided to hit up a Mexican restaurant in town (after having 15+ people take showers). It was around seven when we left to eat (keep in mind that we hadn't eaten since 12 maybe? We got the restaurant and all I wanted was chips and salsa. I was super sad when I saw that extra orders for them were 6 bucks. What the heck? So i tried to make the most of the little baskets we had. But guess what??? We got more. Thank goodness because I probably had about three baskets to myself and the burrito I got wasn't very good. I swear I could live off chips and salsa.

We went back to the condo (which by the way, we didn't know but a guy that served in our ward awhile ago, Elder Burton, was the brother of who "invited" everyone for the weekend. Weird? ya...) and played murder in the dark. I was voted as a killer right away since I was found right by three dead bodies when the lights turned on. I was actually just hiding because I didn't want to walk in the dark because I was too scared and felt someone fall next to me. That round sucked for sure. It was an awesome game though. we watched Vantage Point after which I think everyone fell asleep to. 
we woke up for church (where a bishop bribed us with chocolate to transfer into his ward) this morning but of course, we were late so waited until the one pm church then headed, sadly, home. 

We did not want to come back to Provo AT ALL but absolutely loooved our mini vacation. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

eat cake

So, I think you all have been wondering how Marissa and I are doing being roommates. Well ya know, we have lived with each other our whole lives and have done pretty good. You would think we would get sick of each other. Marissa is definitely not at that point. We were taking naps and she insisted on putting her head on the other end of her bed just so she could see me. A little creepy maybe? Just maybe... 
Men's basketball has started. WOO!! I LOVE basketball.

 Marissa and I picked another favorite: Nick Martineau. Too bad he is MARRIED! 
Nick Martineau
He is one gorgeous basketball player though. 
Saturday morning was our 8:20 am volleyball game. The ref sucked and we could have won. I was not in the mood to argue, even though I wanted to more than anything. It was a close game though.
I had a basketball game at 10... only an hour for a "nap" that I didn't even fall asleep during. I was not in the mood to play and was hoping that no one would show since it was only my instructor and I with like 5 minutes until the game started. Too bad three others showed. We won. By a lot. It was nice to win one finally. it was the first game of the tournament so we are still in it! 
I had to rush home after my basketball to get ready for the football game. Which also went pretty dang awesome, too. I didn't think I would make it through the game standing the whole time since I was exhausted but thank goodness that we were so far ahead this game so I was able to sit down more. 
We went home and took naps. Massive naps. Definitely needed.
Marissa and I then went to the women's volleyball game, as you can see:

 Sorry, you have to tilt your head. They should have won in three. They won the first two pretty easily then went to 30-32 the third and lost the last two. Super lame.
We then went to a bonfire with a couple friends and saw even more friends there. It was awesome to see people that I haven't seen for a super long time.
Today was KC's birthday so we headed up to Sherry's for his party. We played RockBand, Disney and Simpson Scene It and some card games. Nick taught Ash how to do the match/hair trick.

Sherry made an awesome cake for KC. It was delicious.

He loved his Rosetta Stone Japanese from mom and dad. Marissa, Nick and I got him the movie How to Train Your Dragon, which we thought he would like.

It was a good weekend and break from school, now back to studying for my midterm.
Oh, and I am finally getting a calling. I am rooting for birthday greeter.
Hope you had a good birthday KC!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Tuesday was Aaron's (not my brother, one of our friends) birthday. When we asked him if he wanted to go get ice cream he said no. When we asked if we could make him a cake he said no. We told him that we were going to go over and bring him something anyway... He said we were welcome to stop by but we were not allowed to bring anything. Too bad. We decided to make him this: 
 Marissa wanted to be in the picture... surprised? 

Today is my roommate's birthday. We decided every girl loves getting flowers on her birthday so they were a must. I need to fix the K since she walked into my room when it was drying and I grabbed it... forgetting it was still wet. Whoops. 
Next birthday up is KC's on Sunday. 

We have a volleyball game Saturday morning at 8:20 am. I then have a basketball game at 10 then we have the football game at 12. Long day? Yes... And I know for a fact I will NOT be getting sleep tomorrow night. I just know I will have a nice long nap waiting for me after the football game.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Haunted Weekend

Friday started out with some volleyball. What better way to start a weekend? I met up with some friends and we played for a couple hours. We later went to a haunted house that Bronte was in. It was pretty scary. Marci and I made two guys laugh by screaming. Oh, and Bronte was probably the scariest. Especially when she popped up and started waving. Pretty scary if you ask me. :)

I went with Marissa, Marci, Stacey, Phillip and two guys that we met playing volleyball earlier that day. After this haunted house we went to a one dollar one that was in a house and put together by the college students that live there. It was pretty dang scary. Definitely worth a buck.

Saturday morning I lined judged a volleyball game and then Marissa and I were off to Rexburg to visit Kyle and Brian Richardson. One of my friends from last year is serving his mission Arimo so we decided to take a picture of the sign for him.

 It was a super small town but we still didn't see two guys on bikes.
We got to Rexburg just in time for Brian's baseball game where we met up with Kyle and one of his friends.  After his game we went to the Haunted Mill.  It was a pretty good haunted house. We then headed back to Kyle's to watch a movie and then play some Play Station.

Sunday morning we headed back to Utah to make it back in time for TJ's farewell talk. He gave an awesome talk, of course. Sherry had people over after sacrament and everything was delicious. Have fun TJ!

After four haunted houses, October is finally over and now it's time to plan Thanksgiving and turn on the Christmas music.