Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Even though we didn't get to go home for Thanksgiving, my break was still awesome.  We spent the night at sherry's on Wednesday and got to see my parents that night.  Selene joined my family for Thanksgiving and even made some red rice and chicken enchiladas. They were delicious and made me miss home.

After we ate and took naps we headed off to see The Blind Side. My new favorite movie.  Here is Marissa and Ashley with their new snuggies. 

We were trying to find some BYU ones but couldn't find any. Nick apparently found some at Wal Mart and decided not to let us know though...

Marissa and I have made some new friends that work at FatCats (not that we go all the time or anything) that wanted us to bring out family in to bowl when my parents were in town. So Friday we headed off to bowl. 

Later that night mom, Marissa and I headed to see New Moon. We promised my mom we wouldn't say anything negative during the movie.  We restrained until the movie was over then let it all out.  It was definitely better than the first but the book itself isn't my favorite. I cannot wait for the next movie to come out though. After the movie, mom dropped us off to meet up with the boys, dad and grandpa at the BYU boys basketball game.  
Saturday was the big day. BYU vs. Utah. (Nick explains the game better than I ever could on his blog.) After BYU beat Utah in overtime, we got to rush the field (with Marissa's lying skills helping us get onto the field quicker).  Nick stole some of my pictures but here are the ones I took at the game. Marissa found some sweet blue eye lashes at Wal Mart and Nick helped us out with the face paint again.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bronte's Visit

Bronte came to visit for four days this last week.  It was awesome to see her and I think she had a good time.  I took her to my Anthropology class on Friday and she went to a couple of Marci's.  She was really excited for Graham's art class but it turned out to be cancelled.  Friday night we went to the BYU basketball season opener. Later that night Marissa, Marci, Bronte and I went with Nick and his roommates up to Rock Canyon for a bonfire.  It was really fun but we left a bit early because we were hungry. Of course, the only place open at 2:00 a.m. is Denny's.  We ordered some hot chocolate in some sweet kid's cups. And when we were about half way through eating, Nick and his friends showed up too.
Saturday morning Bronte decided to sleep in while I went with Marissa to Nick's flag football game, which they won. I went home after, took a shower and headed to Nick and Marissa's basketball game.  Bronte was still getting ready by the time we left for the basketball game.  Bronte and I then headed to University Mall to help Bronte find a prom dress. The first store we went into she found the dress. Forest green looks awesome on her and the dress was super cute.  We grabbed some Orange Julius to hold us off before going to Doc's Pizza Buffet  with Nick and his basketball team.  Bronte, Marissa and I were absolutely dead tired after and headed to my apartment to take a three hour nap (Marissa already took a nap and joined us in this three hour one.)  We hung out until heading to Fat Cats for some bowling.  Bronte and Marissa both bowled their best games. Bronte: 156 and Marissa: 208. I probably bowled my worst. ha Marissa kept getting compliments and guys asking if she was on bowling leagues or how she is so good. There was a couple bowling in the lane next to us. We thought he looked like a BYU basketball player so I told Marissa I would massage her back if she asked. Of course she did, and yes, he turned out to be number one on the team.  After bowling, we headed to the Malt Shoppe.  The lights were still on and the sign said they didn't close until 2, we had fifteen minutes so we thought we were good. We started reading the menu and got really excited to have some milkshakes and such.  The stupid worker came over to us and told us they were closed... We weren't too happy but decided to go to Wendy's instead.  Marci came over when we got home and we hung out until almost four. We drove Bronte to Salt Lake to catch  her plane, leaving at seven.  Marissa and I got home and slept until almost 1:30.

It was sweet to see Bronte and get to spend time with her. I just hope she got out what she wanted from the trip. I miss her already!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

For Lindsea... AND BRONTE IS HERE!

Lindsea, these are the shoes that Sydney wore of mine for Halloween.  (Marissa and I went to Wet Seal one day and they were having a sale, Buy one and get one for a penny.  I got purple heels like these for $10 and the yellows for a penny. I haven't worn these ones yet but I have worn the purples...) I didn't know how to show you how big the heel was but to compare them to my deodorant.
Ok,so yesterday KC did a huge favor for me... One of my friends from home, Bronte Toolson, came down to visit.  KC picked her up from the air port for me.  I kept reminding him what time and what airline she was on.  When time came that she landed I called to make sure KC was there.  She text me a bit later and was kind of lost. KC then text me and asked what her flight number was and everything.  Bronte and KC were not communicating very well at this point. I was trying to bowl in my bowling class (which I got my first Turkey EVER yesterday) and help them find each other. I told Bronte he drives a silver Camry. She said she will let me know if she can find him.  She calls me a bit later saying that he just passed her... I called him back and told him. He said that he drove by three times not seeing her.  I told him that she is standing right where she told him. He then asked, "Whitni, what does Bronte look like?" When I told him that she was a cute little brunette he finally found her...
After they finally made it to my apartment I fed them lunch then Marci, Graham and Selene came over to hang out. Graham kept promising me he would come visit but never did. As soon as Bronte flies down he is the first one over here.
Now we are just trying to find fun stuff for her to do while down here.  Hopefully her trip will be worth it!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

For my stake Halloween party, my roommates, a girl from across the hall and I dressed up as M&M's. Here are our costumes. My roommate Sydney make the M's with felt and we pinned them to our clothes. What you can't see in these pictures are my shoes that Anna and Sydney are wearing. Sydney about broke her ankle trying to walk in my massive yellow heels, she has a gash in her leg to prove it too. 

This is my Washington friend, Anna. She is from Tacoma and is a fellow princess of mine! She was a Daffodil girl. :) It's fun to exchange stories with her.

I got a chance to hang out with the THREE AMIGOS!!!! Who all lated added me on facebook.  I also got my picture with this super tall guy.  The top of my head didn't reach his arm pit. I know that isn't saying much with me, but you know, he was still tall.

On Halloween night, my costume kind of went in the opposite direction from the night before.  I attempted to be a biker chick but it didn't work out one bit.  Marissa was a cute wind up doll.  We got ready at our grandparent's house then went to hang out at Mary Vanderholm's for a bit.  After Mary's we helped Nick and his roommate get more free Black Jack Tacos from Taco Bell.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Remembering Summer

Last night Marissa helped me make dinner for Kelly (my roommate from summer) and Taylor (another friend from summer that drove home with me).  We made pasta with alfredo sauce and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  They live in Helaman Halls (where we all lived in the summer) and don't have kitchens so I had promised them a meal.  They wanted to bring something too so I told them they were in charge of bread.  They got creative and got bread from Subway, then added butter and garlic when they got to my house.  Dinner turned out really well.  We used the same bread for the shortcake as we do at my work.  Made me miss working this summer.
But after we ate we hung out in my room.  We all miss summer and how laid back it was here. Fall seems much more competitive.  I still love it though...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

BYU Mugs and Haunted Houses

Yesterday, Marissa and I woke up early to go to College Gameday with Nick and his roommate. We went to bed at 3 and woke up at 5:45. I had no idea what College Gameday was all about but it was awesome. ha We got free donuts, chocolate milk, orange juice, Home Depot landyard with a free online thing, and a Home Depot towel thing. Marissa and I had Nick paint Y's on our cheeks to show some school spirit. We were having a hard time getting on TV with all the stupid signs in front of us. SO Nick put me on his shoulders. Still, since we aren't the tallest people in the world, my face didn't make it on TV but my hands did! Nick's roommate got his face on though. When the camera guy was walking around he totally skipped us. Twice. We did get close with Cosmo though. Nick got punched in the face by him too. ha
After Gameday we all went home and slept for 5 hours before the BYU vs. TCU game. Nick repainted our faces. This time he was a little more creative. What he painted on Marissa's face is what he wanted to do on mine but I wouldn't let him. We're trying to think of some cool ideas for face paint for the Utah game. Marissa and I are planning to go all out for that one.
Marissa and I hadn't really eaten anything all day so we went to get food. We saw that they were selling hot chocolate and wanted some. They were selling it for 6$ in a BYU traveling mug. We thought it was a sweet deal so we each bought one.
Here are some pictures from the game. My camera card that I used for the morning won't let me put pictures on so I will have those up later.
Today we went to Sherry's to celebrate TJ, Nisa, and Lacey's birthdays. After an awesome dinner we had a haunted house decorating contest. Prizes were sweet fireworks and Halloween nail polish that I will definitely be putting on this week. Happy Birthday you three!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Biggest Fear

So... One of my biggest fears is having someone break into my apartment or have a strange man come scare me.
Last night Marissa, Nick and I drove down to my Aunt Sherry's house to spend the night. My dad and Aaron were stopping on their way from Iowa to Oregon. They were going to get to her house at about 5 or 6 in the morning. So we went to bed and assumed that we would see them in the morning.
I was in the middle of dreaming about doing laundry (something I don't remember ever dreaming about...), when i was woken up by something or someone. I looked up and saw a man standing by where I was sleeping. I didn't have contacts in or my glasses on so it was only a blurring figure. Since it was also night, I couldn't really see who it was because it was dark. It wasn't until the man started laughing that I realized it was my dad...
It was good to spend a few hours with them on their way through. Dad took us to lunch at a Mexican Restaurant that Aaron suggested. It was pretty good. Although, the Chile Verde Burrito that Aaron and I ordered was red. But still really good.

On another note, I have been trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. I think Marissa and I are going to go look somewhere sometime soon. I don't even know what I am going to do on Halloween so... we'll see what happens with that. Marissa is thinking about being a pirate, a nurse or little red riding hood. but I am still trying to figure out my costume. I want a sweet one. But knowing me and my creative abilities, I won't think of a good one until the day before Halloween and still, it may not be too sweet.

So when my dad and Aaron were leaving, Sherry convinced us to stay for a really great dinner she was going to make us. After our naps Sherry came home from her lunch feeling sick. She didn't feel like cooking so Nick and Marissa offered to make homemade pizza. When we came back from the store we started making the pizza. Marissa put the dough all nice and even on the cookie sheet. I tried to help but skipped the directions. I didn't know I was supposed to unroll it. I thought she was just talented and could spread the dough out perfectly. We eventually gave up trying to flatten it out and just made it into a round thick pizza. I thought I totally screwed the whole pizza up and wasted a thing of pizza dough. BUT, it actually turned out really well, after the inside finally cooked.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Good Day

Ok, so... I thought today deserved a blog...

First, I promised a friend I would make cupcakes for his birthday, which was today. I was half way through writing "BDAY" on them when the icing ran out. I didn't really want to go back to creamery to get more so I said, screw it. My roommates thought of the bright idea to put Scrabble Cheese-itz to finish my writing. How nasty and odd that sounds... I didn't care, and my friend is the type of person who would think it was funny. This is what the cup cakes ended up looking like...

You can see where the bulk of the icing was used on the H and B... Mark laughed when he saw them and said that crackers and frosting didn't taste so bad together. I think he was just trying to make me feel like less of an idiot.

Secondly, I went to the BYU Women's Volleyball game tonight with a friend of mine. I miss volleyball SO much... It was awesome to watch them and check out how well their Libero is. She's good, but I think I could challenge her spot. ;) just saying... maybe when I get back into shape I will think about that more. I just don't want to miss out on playing a sport anymore. I have missed out on two seasons of softball and the end of the season of my basketball senior year. I believe I will go for this dream of mine. I am not expecting anything out of a try out... but I am still going to try. I know I will regret it if I don't. So that is why I am even more excited to have the membership to Gold's Gym now. With Marissa and Nick with me there I know it will help me work harder.

And lastly, two of my friends from Summer Term opened their mission calls today. BOTH going to Dallas, Texas Spanish Speaking... How cool is that? They are really good friends and really excited. I was with one of them when he opened his and he was crying, making me almost cry. Both of them are awesome guys and will be great missionaries. It was also great to see like half my ward at his opening. It was our little ward reunion. :) I was just thinking about how many more guys have sent their papers in and those that are going to soon. I already have some friends from Summer that are in the MTC and another one waiting for his call... I am so happy for them and I really hope they enjoy their missions.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grandpa's Cobbler

So I decided to start a blog when my mom got mad that I didn't call her enough... Yes I know, I am a bad daughter for not calling her like I should. I thought a blog would be a good idea for her and others to know what is going on in my life if I forget to call her as often as I should.

ay, Marissa and I made Grandpa Leo's famous Apple Cobbler. After calling my dad for the recipe and getting some ingredients from my Grandma Arlene, Marissa and I headed back to my apartment to start the cobbler. My roommates and I don't have a 9x13 pan, so we made it in a bigger pan. We peeled and sliced eight big apples. Those ended up filling the 2 quart container over the top. We thought it was fine because of the bigger pan. Marissa told me that we should double the crust considering the pan was bigger than usual and the crust is our favorite part... After we had baked it, the apples somehow all disappeared. It was still delicious to us, we don't know how everyone else felt about it though. I am enjoying having siblings closer down here. Summer term was fun, but having family makes school so much better. Marissa comes over to make dinner with me a lot during the week and Nick made us some really good food tonight too. I am now looking forward to Sherry's bread and soup day tomorrow. I have been craving soup ever since this cold weather hit Provo. I am definitely being taken care of.

I hope my mother rae can forgive me for my awfulness and that whoever reads my blog doesn't get too bored.