Sunday, December 23, 2012


So for Thanksgiving I came home with Riss to Manson! We were home for about a week and a half. Such a nice break from school!

Dad flew Santa into Manson!!

 Ryker wasn't so sure about Santa...

We were able to go shooting, of course. It was awesome! 

There is so much that goes on during Thanksgiving break.  Donut making, cider making, Turkey Bowl, shooting, and setting up for Christmas. I LOVE it! 

The semester ended well. Ste and I were able to make it up to Temple Square one night.  We were looking for the perfect spot to take a picture and ended up seeing Santa and Buddy the Elf.  We couldn't pass it up.  When we walked up Buddy was like, "Ohhh Santa, I can tell this isn't this couple's first date!"  Then we took this normal picture. 

Then Buddy said we needed to take one more! Then he picked up a stick that was laying right next to that orange bucket. That stick had a mistletoe at the end of it and he hung it over us.  That's why we took this next one for our mothers to enjoy.

I am now home and loving every minute with the little boys and Jensley. So much fun! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I am so incredibly excited or Christmas to finally be here!