Saturday, January 14, 2012

21st Birthday!

This week has been so much fun! Such a  good birthday week!

Tuesday was my first day at Courage Reins. I loved it. And I cannot wait to go back next week! Preschoolers came in and they were the cutest kids ever! I'm so excited to keep going!

Marissa and I hiked the Y on Thursday. It was freezing. And really difficult haha  but so worth it!

[Also, I thought I would add that the hike gave me a chance to remember Tim. It has been eleven years but I always love to think about him.  I may have been young but he was hilarious and so much fun to play with during recess.  For some reason, it hit me harder than it has for a lot of years. I am usually home or purposely distracting myself. It has always been hard to have such a sad memory associated with my birthday. Katie Barnes wrote on my wall a perfect time of day and said exactly what I needed to hear. Be happy about what I have and enjoy every moment.  I may miss him but I know that he was needed somewhere else.]  

Marissa, Chris and Stacey decided to have me open presents at midnight. I was all for that! I got super cute clothes from them! Also, my parents got me a really cute raincoat. I love it!

Yesterday, we started off with seeing my grandparents. I haven't been able to see them very often so it was so good to be able to talk to them again! Marissa and I met up with Brock for breakfast at Kneaders. So ready to eat a ton of the endless french toast... Only ate 3ish. haha Still delicious! When we got back we found a package on the counter. These were the instructions on the box. We had NO idea what was inside. When we opened it we found chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels! Thank you mom and dad for all the wonderful birthday presents! I loved them all.

I went to class and we went shopping for a bit then headed to Spark to have some drinks (non-alcoholic, don't worry). It was a blast! And we all want to go again! I was able to see some people that I don't get to see very often and I am so happy they went so I had a chance to catch up a bit! Afterward, we came back to our apartment for red velvet cake balls and cupcakes.  I found these sprinkles that looked like pearls and I could not pass them up. They were so so so cute! At home there were more people that came that I got to catch up with (including Marci's boyfriend who is hilarious!)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


My dad can push planes. What can yours do?
That's Marissa talking by the way. After she talked in the video before telling me to start a new video.

Thank you dad for taking us flying!

P.S. I am 21 this Friday. Just a little info for you all :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"I love you more!"

That was a very common phrase heard this break by my adorable nephew, Ryker.  When he was younger (well, younger than he is now) he would barely let me hug him.  This break he let us tickle him, kiss him, hold him, cuddle him, take him to the store/ice skating/car rides, hug him.... He actually wanted to go anywhere and everywhere that someone was going. It was so so so much fun.  And he is talking SO much.  It is so fun to hear your nephew who you thought may hate you say he loves you more.  Yes, he probably doesn't really know what it means but it makes an aunt feel so good! Also, he would put "too!" on the end of every single sentence. hah When someone was leaving he would say, "I go too!" or when someone got apple cider, "I have apple juice too!" Ahh it was so cute. And I am pretty sure one of his favorite things to do is make milkshakes.  I feel like he doesn't care too much about the end product like he does the licking ice cream off the spoon, dipping the spoon in the chocolate then licking it and putting it back in so the chocolate will stick, and pushing the lever to make the milkshake come out the smoothie spigot.

Rock as a three (almost 4 year old) is so much fun!! He says the cutest most random things!
He was dressed up as Santa and sitting on the floor so I sat next to him and swung my legs over him and starting asking him stuff for Christmas. He started pushing me off and said, "I don't have time for this!" and walked away.

I was playing with Rock and this conversation happened.. haha

Me: Rock, I'm gonna miss you when I leave.
Rock: Where are you going?
Me: I have to go back to school.
Rock: Why do you have to go back to school?
Me: Because I have to learn.
Rock: Why do you have to learn?
Me: So I can have a job
Rock: hah You don't  need to go to school!
Me: Why??
Rock: I'll teach you all you need to know!

How can you NOT love these two?!

My Nighttime Antics Part Three

I'm not the only one that does weird creepy things in her sleep...

Like a month ago I climbed into bed. Riss had already gone to bed and was fast asleep.  Our beds are arranged like this:
(Her head on the right side of her bed and my head is at the "bottom" of mine)

I was just about to close my eyes and be comfortable when all of a sudden......

AH! Someone just grabbed my ankles.... Worst thing ever to experience before going to bed! (Except spiders come very very very close)  I freaked out and yelled at Marissa.. She said that she was checking if I was there... I asked why and she wouldn't answer.. I kept yelling at her and she never ever woke up.  I had to curl up onto my pillows in order to get my feet far enough away from the edge so there wouldn't be anymore ankle grabbing that night.

She told me in the morning she was dreaming about helping Larry King fill up backpacks??

And you all thought that I was weird.