Saturday, March 23, 2013

35 Days.

Last weekend we had a nice little teaser of some springtime weather.  Ste and I took advantage of it and went up to Rock Canyon Park and hiked up a fake little trail.  It was so nice to be in the sun!
 Later that night we went on a double date with his roommate up to the Y.  I never thought I would enjoy hiking at night as much as I have. It is so much fun!

I had a job interview on Monday for a summer job. The interview went really well and at the end of it the interviewer told me that if she can get a hold of at least 2 of the 4 references and things check out, I have the job.  About two hours later she called and said I had the job! So I will be working kind of as a mentor for kids who have a hard time staying at home or who need to get out of the house during the summer. I will be working with a wide range of ages and disabilities, behaviors, and life situations.  Pretty much you do fun things with them but work toward certain goals. It goes perfect along with my major.  I have done 12 hours of training this week already and have 15+ waiting for me next week and the week after.

Tuesday night was the NIT basketball game. Thank you, Sherry, for letting us use your parking pass again! Also, thanks for letting us use your tickets for the Gonzaga game. It was so much fun!

The game was sweet. Ste's friend saved us seats on the 3rd row and we even made it on ESPN. Definitely worth not finishing my project for.
Thanks, Nick, for going back online to get a picture of us when we were on TV! You're awesome!

It is so unreal to me that the wedding is in 35 days! My mom, dad, sisters, friends, cousins, aunts, and whoever else have been awesome with getting all the invitations and decorations done since I am absolutely terrible when it comes to choosing those kinds of things. So thank you everyone!!
Also, my bracket is so bad. I am in the 1.3%. And it is ranked the 8,000,000 bracket. Good thing Ste and I made a deal that the winner takes the loser to dinner of their choice! haha Even though he made a bogus bracket so I am going to win in the group.

Monday, March 4, 2013

"I want to play my gps..."

The last few weeks have been insanely busy but so worth it!

First, we got our engagements done and the invites finalized! Now we just need to order them, address them, and send them to all you wonderful people.

Now, Valentine's Day.  The day that I have never really been a fan of until this year. I never thought I would say something this cheesy and actually mean it but it is definitely different when you are in love with the person who is doing all the cute surprises and thoughtful things.  Ste surprised me with Zupa's for lunch. SOO good! He had used the car to go to "work" that morning and since we were going to Boise to see his family he told me I might want to clean it out so we have room for everything.  When it was about time to pick him up so we start our little trip together I went down to my car to clean it out.  I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't the kind of "clean out" that I was expected.  He had bought me white roses, boxes of chocolates, three 12 packs of Mt Dew, two bags of Hershey's kisses spread out throughout my car, and a sweet note.  It was awesome.

I then went and picked him up to head to Boise to see his sister and her family and finally meet his wonderful parents.  One of the first things his mom told me reminded me of Grandma Helen (having your future mother in law remind you of Grandma Helen at the very start was comforting. haha).  She said that she did mine and Lori's husband's genealogy and guess what! We are fourth cousins! haha

We had an awesome weekend.  We went to the open house and wedding for his cousin (the reason that everyone was in town), rode horses, did some work on their land, played with his nieces, and got to know his family a lot better.  He had told me before that my mom reminded him of my mom and I can definitely see that too.

The next weekend was the Ragnar Relay!! WOO!! To be completely honest, I think I only ran three times in  February before the race.  And I didn't die! Yay!!! I did get some color that's for sure. Mostly on my right side.  I never in my life thought I would enjoy running 14.3 miles within a 24 hour period without proper training and running your first leg of 7.8 miles in the sun in the middle of a desert.  But every single part of that trip was super fun! I loved the time with family that I haven't seen for awhile.  I am definitely looking forward to it again!

Last Wednesday we were in the dodgeball championship game... again.  And guess what!!! WE WON! WE WON! WE ACTUALLY WON! After four years of playing intramural sports I finally got the coveted t-shirt!! A girl commented on one of our pictures and said "There are only two reasons to go to BYU 1) Get married 2) win a shirt." Who knew I would be accomplishing both in one semester? I still have to graduate though...

This past weekend my mom and Ryker came!! It was tons of fun going to Chuck E Cheese's, getting wedding stuff planned/purchased/decided, and spending time with them.  

It was fun seeing Ste interact with little Gyker... even if he was quickly worn out from all the fuss...